Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're almost there...

39 weeks today! I've been slacking severely in the blogging area...Documenting the end of this pregnancy has been more difficult than I expected. I guess I just don't know what to say these days! Part of me feels like, since not that many people are reading this, there's no point...Another part of me remembers that I didn't start this blog to get readers, I started it to document my experience for myself. It's hard to want to do that when all there is to document is stories of changing bowel movements, mucus discharge, and so many other wonderfully feminine parts of pregnancy. :-p

Anyhoo...Here I am! One week away from due date! I feel SO excited, SO anxious, and more "ready" with every morning that passes STILL pregnant :-)
Baby is still getting hiccups at least once a day (which drives mommy crazy!), but is moving downwards and seems to be preparing him/herself for labor, too. It's exciting to feel like I am working with my baby to bring 'labor day' closer. I start every morning off with some bouncing on my labor ball, squatting, walking, and end every evening with a hot bath/shower, some nipple stimulation, and relaxation. The baby is in "go" position, and so am I! I am SO excited to see the end results of all these months of preperation!

My little girl, soon-to-be big sister, has been lovin' on momma and my belly a lot lately, too. I am extremely excited to see her grow in big-sisterhood...I just know she's going to love this baby and do a great job helping mommy out! She's so smart :)
I've booked myself up this weekend with playdates, and scheduled hubby and I a nice date night Monday - Complete with massages, dinner, and a movie! While I'm very much looking forward to it, I also wouldn't complain if I had to miss it all to meet our new addition ;)


I have been increasingly detaching myself from God as this pregnancy has progressed. I wonder if it's out of a deep-seeded fear, doubt, or worry. Lack of faith. Today I am committing to drawing near to God again...To finding the peace, joy, love, and confidence that I know exists through His Holy Spirit. And I know that once I receive this faith, once I am standing firm in Him - Then my pregnancy story will come to an end...And my family of four will begin.

Thank You, Father, For so many undeserved blessings. Thank you for your love and forgiveness. Thank you for who you are. Help me to praise you in my life in a way that brings you pleasure and glory. Amen.

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