Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Adventures

This month was filled with lots of fun and excitement, and we are looking forward to what October has in store as well. This pregnancy is flying by, and I've been really putting effort into spending quality time with my precious little girl before the baby arrives. We went to visit family in Detroit last week, which was an absolute blast. We left daddy behind for our 'girls only' trip, and it was a perfect vacation for both of us. While I am, of course, anxiously waiting for January - I am also enjoying this precious time of creating memories for our dearly loved 'first child'.

While in Detroit, we did have a scare with a couple hours' worth of contractions - which ended up being a little mix of dehydration, exhaustion, and (TMI) constipation. I was glad to figure out the problem before heading to a hospital...That's a sure-fire way to ruin a vacation!

I've settled back into a pretty comfortable acceptance of my decision for a VBAC. I am confident in my body, and also very grateful for my OB's support. I know that I am making the best decision for my family, while also recognizing that there are risks associated with that decision, and that I will need to be very in tune with my body and trusting of my doctor when the time comes. I also need to accept that, no matter what my birth ends up looking like, it will be exactly what it needs to be to fulfill God's Will in my life. I trust Him in all things.

25 Weeks:*Only 15 weeks left to go! (remember how fast the first 15 went?!? Wow!)
*Baby is about 1.5 lbs, and the size of a rutabaga.
I'm feeling great, as long as I take care of myself and drink lots of water.
Baby is moving lots, and we are able to feel & see the movement from the outside now, which is super exciting.
Hopefully baby will 'flip' soon - I can't help but be worried about the baby being breech! Once the baby's flipped, I'll be able to settle down my nerves.

Love and Prayers! <3 XO.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

23 weeks / Ultrasound!

Our little bean is growing healthy and strong, Praise God!

Isn't he/she adorable? (and fat?!) Hehehe :-) We can't wait to kiss all over those little cheekies!!! Nom, nom, nom...

Doctor's appt went well, pregnancy looking great all-around, and we couldn't be happier!

We spent yesterday at Plimouth Plantation, exploring an old pilgrim village, Native American homesite, and letting our adventurous little 2 year old run all around to play in dirt and stuff...It was a good time for all. Looking ahead at the next 4 months, we will be a pretty busy family. Between playdates, mom's groups, work, holidays, and trying to keep a fairly scheduled family homelife...Baby will be here before we know it!!!

It is my prayer that this week's post finds all of my unknown readers far & wide across the expansive internetz healthy & happy as well :-)
God bless!


Friday, September 7, 2012

18 weeks to go!

I am very aware of the fact that my 'due date' is simply an estimated time of arrival and am very prepared to have 20 weeks to go before the baby actually comes. :-)

SOoOoOo... 22 weeks in, and I recently started feeling overwhelmingly scared for my VBAC. (Even to the point of considering an RCS--repeat c-section!) It's been a very sudden worry, and while I'm entirely sure it's natural and normal, it still sucks!! :'(
However, I've used this newfound fear to encourage me to go in search of some statistical, factual information about the risks of VBAC vs RCS. I thought I'd share some of the info I found with anyone who might be reading my blog:

**Special shout-out to my fellow moms on's VBAC support group board that gave me these links and have been especially supportive and informative throughout the past 22 weeks!!! Thanks ladies!!!**

After reading some (I haven't finished reading it all) of this information, I've begun to feel - once again - at peace with my desire for a VBAC. I think that, in the end, a TOL (trial of labor) is the best choice for this baby and I. However, I do think this is a wake up call for me to become more open-minded and realistic about the facts: There ARE risks, no matter what decision I make (VBAC or RCS). What I choose might Not work out the way I think it will, or want it to. I might end up in the OR after 30 hours of labor again. I need to be prepared for these kinds of things, while holding on to the hope and faith that God will bring me through this birth however He sees fit!

I know it's gonna be a long, hard road - as all of life is - But today I am giving thanks to God for the wisdom and strength that He is giving me through these everyday trials and decisions that I'm having to make. He is good and faithful, and I trust in Him alone.