Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Suzie-My birth support

I logged onto Facebook last night to find this as my best friend/birth support/doula's Facebook status. I cried reading about this experience from her point of view. I am so thankful for her love, support, guidance, prayers, and appreciation of what we did together. She is an awesome blessing in my life and I can't say Thank You enough for all she's done. 

WOW. I am so humbled and in awe of what I just got to experience. Watching my best friend push a baby out of her was the most beautiful, intense, powerful, personal, spiritual thing i've ever seen or been a part of. I am amazed and inspired by her strength and courage through all this; praising Jesus and worshiping/singing through contractions, scaling impossible walls over and over, fighting to claim the successful VBAC that God had promised her... I am so unbelievably proud of her. It makes me so proud to be a woman, our bodies were created to do such an extraordinary thing and I'm so grateful that someday I will get to experience it for myself! I am over the moon happy for two amazing, proud parents for the birth of their perfect little boy, and so honored that they would have me be a part of it all. I love you Nick and Meghan!!! Amazing work you too! God is so good! <3333

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