Friday, October 12, 2012

Only 13 weeks left!!! :o

I can't believe I'm already entering my SEVENTH month of pregnancy! Wowza! Coming soon: Maternity pictures, Baby shower, Setting up baby's stuff (We need to buy a nice dresser for him/her), and Finalizing birth plan. It's gonna fly by!! In between all of this we also have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and I'm working 1-2 days a week too. I'm nervous, excited, anxious, and at peace all at once.

This week we started a new small group series at church. We are reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and even though I've only read 3 chapters, it's already been such a blessing. It focuses on the importance of specific and fervent prayer. I'm applying it to my VBAC and realizing how connected my prayer life is supposed to be to childbirth. Without His strength, I can't do it. I'm so excited to see how He's going to move in my experience. I want to feel His spirit in a way I never have before, and never will again. I want to see His face in the midst of my pain and struggle - I want to break to the point of leaning on Him alone. I can't wait!!!

At week 27, I am feeling great. After a few weeks of the baby lying awkwardly in my hips (making it really hard to sleep) he/she has finally moved into a much more comfortable position...although I still can't figure out if the head is down or not. This week the baby weighs almost 2 lbs and is the size of a head of cauliflower. If he/she decided to make an appearance this week, there is a high likelihood of survival. While that's comforting to know, let's keep our prayers focused on keeping this baby in for about 13 more weeks :)

Last night we started (again) sleep training our 2 year old. She did pretty well, only 45 minutes of fighting it. She was asleep before midnight, but came wandering in to sleep in mom & dad's bed around 4:30am. This has become a really bad habit, but I don't have the energy to get up at that hour and correct it, so we just give in. Hopefully tonight will be different. Wish us luck! Next task: Potty training...Uh oh!!!

"The more faith you have, the more specific your prayers will be. And the more specific your prayers are, the more glory God receives."-The Circle Maker
Lord, I pray for a successful VBAC. For an intervention-free, medication-free childbirth experience. I pray for your strength, wisdom, and peace during the toughest parts. I pray for your support when I get weak. I pray that I will experience you in a way that will change my life forever. I pray that there will be healing and grace found within the pain and joy of labor and delivery, and that I will find myself closer to you than ever before. Thank you in advance for your provision, may you be glorified in my life. Amen.