Friday, November 2, 2012

November's here already?!?!

Ten weeks left to go! :o

We had our 30 week checkup today, everything looks fantastic. Measuring perfectly, sitting low, head down - Mommy's healthy, baby's healthy. HR 145. We are getting SO close to meeting this little one!!!

We had a great halloween with some family friends - Our 2 year old was Minnie Mouse, and her best friend was Mickey...It was adorable :-) The baby was a 'pumpkin'...I kept the paint on just long enough for some pictures, and then decided it wasn't worth getting paint all over everything to walk around like that all night. Haha.

Still feeling very at peace emotionally and mentally. God is so good. It is amazing for me to look back at my 'story' so far, realizing all of the amazing ways that He carried me through the hard times, gave me strength and courage, and blessed me abundantly when I didn't deserve it. I am so thankful.

My husband is becoming more and more supportive and loving the closer we get to 'birth day', which is yet another thing I have to be thankful for. Although we STILL cannot agree on names!!! I know that we will decide by the time the baby's here, but I can't help but be worried. What if days, or weeks, go by that we have a baby and no name for him/her?!?! :o Poor nameless baby...

Anyhoo - I plan on working two days a week (waiting tables) through the holidays - It's a nice way to get some exercise, adult interaction, and uhm...yummy food... :-) OK I admit, I probably do it mostly for the food.
It will also help the time go by (Not that I Really need it to go by any faster than it is).

I hope that 30 weeks finds all of my readers happy & healthy as well!!! God bless <3

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