Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chinese lunch buffet

^My 33 week bumparoo^
My husband lovingly took the entire week of thanksgiving off of work for us to spend as a family. On our first day off together, we decided to eat lunch at a chinese buffet. Not just any old chinese buffet either; this one was playing uncensored Lil Wayne throughout our meal. Therefore - My dear husband spent the rest of the "vacation" taking care of Phoenix and I while I was bedridden with cramps, diarreah, and stabbing pains for 36 hours. Oh, the joys of growing a human. :-)

By thanksgiving day I was feeling better, so we ventured off to our dear friend's house and spent the day eating, playing games, and chatting. It was a great time and we have SO much to be thankful for!

Last night, as I was putting my little girl to bed - It hit me that she won't remember the past 2 years. She'll grow up never remembering life without her little brother/sister. That's so bittersweet for me...After 2 years of staying home with her, nursing for 17 months, travelling - moving - playing - She will never have any memories of being my "only baby". I so cherish these two years. I cherish the moments I've spent with her, the night-time nursing and co-sleeping, the special bond I've shared with my precious first child. And while she will never remember, I will never forget. I'll remember for her.

We're now 7 weeks away from baby's projected date of arrival. I am looking forward to spending these next 7 weeks with my girl. Of course I'm anxiously awaiting the moment I get to finally meet my newest babe - But for now, I'm content. I'm content with my perfect, bright-eyed, mommy's girl. And I'm cherishing every moment alone with her.

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