Thursday, August 2, 2012

17 weeks

The past couple of weeks have been joyfully eventful in the C household. We had my sister and her two boys in town for a bit, and filled their time here with all kinds of fun stuff: whale watching, sightseeing, Canobie Lake Park, Dave & Busters...It was definitely a fun-filled week!
I also have begun to feel regular movements in my rapidly growing belly, which is a welcomed reassurance every evening as I lay down for bed that all is well inside there. :-) My husband was even able to feel the baby move for the first time this week!!! We've got a very active little bean growin in there.

A friend of mine gave birth to her first, a girl, this week as well. She had a beautiful, quick, unmedicated hospital birth experience at the same hospital i had a my Csection at, which is also the hospital Im planning my VBAC at. I am SO proud of her and happy for her, and also encouraged by her birth story that the ideal birth IS possible, even in the hospital (a hospital with a nearly 50% Csection rate, nonetheless!)! To admit that I'm a tad bit jealous would be a severe understatement, BUT I know that those are only emotions of the enemy, and I won't allow them to control me!

This entire past two weeks have been enjoyable, exciting, and just a plain out blessing for so many people in my life. It's been a nice reminder that God is gracious, and that He is in control - That His plan for our lives is perfect and loving. I am so grateful to be His Child!

1Timothy2:15 <3 Only a little more than 4 months left to go! :)

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