Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby #3 is on the way!

On February 20 2015, we got these: 

Based on my own calculations, this puts me around Nov 1st for a due date :-) 
We are very happy and excited! I feel great so far - sore Breasts , skin changes on my face (so weird ), peeing and eating constantly!, and a little tired but otherwise all is good!! Phoenix and Jonah totally don't "get it" yet. I told my close friends and sisters but we haven't told our moms or families yet. Will probably do a "fb announcement" around easter. 
Now begins the hunt for a VBAC friendly midwife , to help me achieve my unmedicated dream birth ! ;-)

Really trying to trust God completely this time Around...he is in control. He is good. He loves me and wants good things for me. I'm finding peace in Him these days .

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